I want to be your go to graphic designer, but can't do it without you! I work with my clients to give them more than what they expect.


I solve design problems and help you help your clients, whether that's through a memorable logo, a marketing campaign or a simple poster.

Deigned by Charlie white logo

My Logo

Designed by Charlie was founded in 2016, offering many aspects of graphic design, from branding, to illustration, hand lettering to marketing material. 

The ram chosen to be the logomark for Designed by Charlie was picked because it represents so many things to me.


I grew up on a farm in Wiltshire, so a farm animal made sense. A Wiltshire Horn was chosen for its symbolism of determination, energy and fearlessness, but also quite simply, for the shape of its horn looking like the letter C!


To provide thoughtful, creative  solutions to every design brief, big or small.


I pride myself on my values:

Friendly & Professional